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Bar Five Farms Ontario RWA Prime Angus Beef and cattle producer friends form a group of Ontario family farms within the Artisan Farms working group who raise beef the RWA way – Raised without the use of added Hormones, any Antibiotics of any kind or Animal By-products.

Bar Five Farms and cattle producer friends form a group of Ontario family farms within the Artisan Farms working group who raise beef the RWA way – Raised Without the use of Added hormones, any Antibiotics of any kind or Animal By-products; and Raised With Animal Welfare.

Bar Five Farms RWA Ontario Angus Beef group of producers are working together to provide the local and regional marketplace with fresh and incredibly delicious food choices.

Bar Five Farms Ontario Angus Beef is raised the RWA way, “Without the use of Added hormones, Antibiotics or Animal by-products of any kind”, and “Raised With Animal welfare” as a central core. We refer to this as our “RWA” production protocol.

Direct from our farms, we offer superior quality and health sustaining nutrition …the RWA way !!

Raising beef cattle at the Nolan Family of Ontario, led by Grandma Ron & Grandma Carla Nolan who were raised as fifth generation Canadian beef farmers in southern Alberta in the 40s, by their grandparents whom started the original Nolan Farmstead just out side of Picture Butte Alberta … in fact if you drive across the coolies between Iron Springs & Coaldale, you cross the Nolan Bridge.

In 1967, these fifth generation beef farmers established Bar Five Farms as a genetics forward beef production chain in the green grass land of Grey Highlands in Ontario. Still today, Grandpa and Grandma Nolan let the cattle graze in open long grass pastures in the Grey Highlands & Beaver Valley grass lands, just west of Collingwood. Bar Five Farms Beef is a balanced meat product, produced with sustainable methods to ensure the finest quality nutritious beef produced in an ethical and honest manner is achieved. Bar Five takes care to ensure humane treatment of animals and adherence to ecological friendly methods of raising cattle at all stages of animal husbandry.

As one of Canada’s most recognized beef farms, established in 1967 as a fifth generation family cattle farming operation, the name BAR FIVE was selected. Family agreement was found back then to describe the farming operation that for decades has been based upon Genetic Improvement for beef meat quality gains; and as a multi-generational family tradition cattle farm has retained the outlook that utilized practises used by mother nature for efficiency improvements through genetics and old school On Farm practises avoiding modern methods  - Traditional Raised cattle. 
Bar Five Farms understands that genetics play a large part in affecting the consistency of protein texture, of the amount of fat and its distribution and tenderness is paramount to the Bar Five farm direct beef. The texture and muscle characteristics of Bar Five cattle are bred to take advantage of Mother Nature with the resulting Bar Five Beef that is tender, juicy and textured for an incredible eating experience – Farm Direct.

Bar Five Farms strictly forbids the use of any fed antibiotics or growth hormones in the raising program, utilizing health practises that meet or exceed all Humane Handling practises that are put forth by the highest standards. As a result, the growth and health of Bar Five cattle reflect the quality of the feed and their environment. Feed and supplements are specially formulated by a leading animal nutritionist and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a federal governing body. The cattle graze on open grass pastures with ample space and bedding.

Bar Five Farms is one of Canada’s jewels in the agri food industry, and one of the very original Beef genetics farms that have used Mother Nature to improve primary production efficiencies. Bar Five was founded in 1966 to import the world’s most populous breed – and was the first farm to import the, and since this time Bar Five Farms has grown to be one of the most famous names in primary cattle farming production on a sustainable manner on a worldwide basis. Bar Five Farms was one of the world’s largest genetic cattle breeder’s from 1967 to 2007, but recently reducing focusing cattle numbers to develop & focus on a Pasture Raised & Grain Finished program of Bar Five Farms Beef to bring you the tender and natural tasting beef products that are a result of the superior primary production practises from Bar Five.

Bar Five Farms is located just west of Thornbury/Collingwood, in the heart of the Grey Highlands Municipality of Grey County, which encompasses the gorgeous landscapes of Beaver Valley on the Niagara escarpment. Just minutes from the shores of Georgian Bay, Bar Five Farms has been at this Ontario location since 1966 …. Bar Five’s commitment and roots are deep within the Ontario farming community. 

Artisan Farms Direct has access to Bar Five Farms Beef products in the GTA area on a Wholesale basis, and we encourage you to call Artisan Farms for Bar Five Farms Beef product availability and price listing if you believe this product matches your organizations product objectives. 

Please contact Artisan Farms Sales to schedule an appointment to visit Bar Five Family Beef Farms.  Traditionally Raised Nolan Family Beef – the old fashioned way tastes best!!

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